TRAIANVS is governed by the general terms of as provided for all the Lists within RedIRIS.

The language of the list is Spanish, although French, English and Latin may be used, given the European extension under the heading TRAIANVS.

Those who need translating services, may avail themselves of free translations that are available through the Internet, such as the one provided by Google translate.

Commercial advertising is not permitted in the TRAIANUS forum, although messages that provide information on services of interest to the subscribed professionals or the subjects under discussion, are permitted.

The intent of RedIRIS is to make TRAIANVS a professional distribution nerve center dedicated exclusively to the debate and comment of subjects related to Roman engineering. For this reason the administrator reserves the right to admonish and/or cancel the subscription of anyone who does not observe the proper rules of conduct adopted by the List.


The most comfortable mode of participation is via e-mail, but you may also participate via this Web.

Once register you will receive the messages from the List, in the modality that you choose, and will be able to send yours to the e-mail of the List:

Also you can send messages to a the List from this page, pressing in the quarter epígrafe of the superior index.


To unsubscribe from the TRAIANVS List, the member has to send a message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.REDIRIS.ES and in the body of same, write: unsubscribe TRAIANVS.

To effect a change of personal e-mail address within the List, the subscriber has to send a message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.REDIRIS.ES and in the body of same, write: change TRAIANVS.




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